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Temporary Tattoos

Whether it's our hand-painted tattoos or our airbrushed tats, our tattoos are the highest quality available. We use only the highest grade theater inks and paints to create our amazingly realistice hand-painted tattoos, as well as our lightening-fast airbrushed tattoos.

We can paint about 20-30 handpainted or 45+ airbrushed tattoos each hour! Not only do we have an ENORMOUS variety of armbands, tribals, Chinese characters, Celtic knots, cartoons, animals, and more for your guests to choose from...but we will cut a stencil of your very own logo that can be used with our airbrushed tattoos for FREE!

Both techniques are waterproof and will last up to 5 days! When we come to your event, we give out a "care & maintenance sheet" to each person getting a tattoo, so they know how to give their tattoo its longest life!

Jagua is a fruit grown in the rainforests of the South and Central Americas. This fruit reacts with oxygen to create an amazing medium that stains the skin a deep charcoal-and sometime dark blue-color. "BIG SMILE" artists combine the Jagua medium with our Henna to create an amazing and unique look! These two colors, charcoal and sienna, create a depth to each design that can be appreciated even without an art degree.

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