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Studio Caricatures

When you're looking for something extra or something EXTRA SPECIAL, a "BIG SMILE" studio caricature by the Jodie Fleming, renown caricature and fine artist, will be just the ticket. Bosses, parents, or even local celebrities can be some of the hardest people to buy for...until now. "BIG SMILE" clients have called Fleming's work "the gift of a lifetime" and "the best gift ever given", and there are boxes and boxes of "thank you" notes to give testimony to the that sentiment. Fleming works from photographs so she can take longer and give each piece the utmost attention. This also ensures that the gift remains a surprise.
Some pieces Fleming has produced include:

*Jumbo Caricature Greeting/Signing Cards
*Party Sign-In Boards
*Custom Occasion Comic Strips
*Ceramic Wedding Cake Plates, Christmas Ornaments, Doggie-treat Cannisters
*Framed & Matted Retirement Caricature Collages
*40 Ft. Long Data Scrolls

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