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Silhouette Cuts

We cut the profiles of about 15 people per hour, with each person getting both a left and right profile! This actually gives you 30 framable pieces per hour! That's an amazing production number considering the detail and tenderness of each of these pieces.

This is one of the most beautiful mementos you will ever have! These delicate hand-cut profiles are a precious reminder of days-gone-by. The art of silhouette cutting began in Europe in the early 18th century. Silhouette cutters were a "court jester" of sorts for the aristocrats in French society. At these extravagant balls, the artist would cut the profiles of distinguished guests capturing the lastes fashions and elaborate wigs. In the 1760's, Etienne de Silhouette, the Finance Minister of France, had crippled the French people with his merciless tax policies. Oblivious to the people's distress, Etienne was more interested in the amusement he found in his hobby of cutting paper profiles. Although during that time silhouettes carried a very negative connotation to the general public, by the mid 1800's the art of silhouette cutting had reached it's "golden age." This unique artform has become an American tradition. There are only a handful of silhouette cutters still working today and with the advent of digital imaging, this artform is likely to become even more rare.

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