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Name Creations

These fabulous wall hangings turn any dorm room into an art gallery…well, that may be stretching it…but they are SO COOL! You may have seen them in the Carribbean or Key West, but we bring our NAME CREATIONS to YOU. We take your name and turn the letters into themed objects, like palm trees, ocean sunsets, pandas and the like. Since names these days can be as short as “AL” or as long (and weird!) as “Britashlellaniqua” (you think I made that up, don’t you…), it’s impossible to give a number of full names we can do per hour. However, when we limit the number of letters a person can have painted to 5 or fewer, we can make about 10-15 name banners per hour. IF, instead of full names, we make “illuminated letters” of a person’s initials, we can make about 15-20 per hour.

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