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Your "BIG SMILE" mural will be much more than an original custom piece of art...it will be an IMPACT PIECE that can transform a room or area into an awe-inspiring statement of your personality. The process begins by discussing your ideas of what you want to accomplish by painting your wall-space. Do you want something decorative, illustrative, an accent piece or a logo? We will discuss the ins and outs of what can be done, sketch out the ideas your "BIG SMILE" artist has designed and proceed with a final color sketch for your approval. That's when the fun begins and we get to PAINT!

We can paint on-site, directly on your wall of choice OR if you want something that can last through any change of decor, we can create a canvas mural in-studio that we bring to you upon completion. We then mount the canvas on your wall, and if necessary, it can be taken down and reused in another location if you ever move or remodel.

Your satisfaction is our priority...we want you to enjoy your mural for many, many years to come. Our clients have included kitchens, baby's rooms, play rooms, churches, fellowship halls, hospitals, schools, model homes, and so on.

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