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Henna Body Art

We give about 30 hennas per hour and each desing lasts from 1-3 weeks. We can adjust the number of henna designs we make by the number of guests waiting to have one done. Usually, each design takes about 2 minutes to create, but if the queue line is longer, we can speed up production by creating less elaborate body decor OR if the line becomes shorter, we can give a little more WOW to the design. This is one of the many ways "BIG SMILE" artists can fit it precisely to YOUR special event!

This ancient Eastern art of temporary body adornment has become an American phenomanon! What traditionally was used in Indian wedding rituals has now become a fashion forward statement for college students, corporate suits, and anyone else who wants to have the thrill of a tattoo without the commitment!

We blend all of our henna paste in studio using only the freshest henna powder and highest quality essential oils. Our paste leaves an AMAZINGLY dark, long-lasting stain that even seasoned henna enthusiasts go CRAZY over! We create ALL of our designs free-hand, using no stencils or pre-made patterns. Our henna artists have all been trained in the fine arts, so we are able to bring you the most creative, interesting and appealing designs.

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