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Big-Smile Services

Why choose "BIG SMILE" Caricatures & Entertainment over other novelty companies? The short answer is this: SUPERIOR ARTISTS & SUPERB ENTERTAINMENT! The long answer is that our award-winning entertainers are not only amazing artists, but they are punctual, professional, witty, personable and amazingly fast. It's not difficult to find a good caricaturist or a talented face painter, but to find one who has an exceptional personality and professionalism to go along with it is the real challenge. "BIG SMILE" artists are an exception in the artistic novelty industry--we show up on time, we work fiercely and draw accurately, we enjoy ourselves and want your guests to enjoy us too!

Jodie Fleming has won many awards and has been recognized as one of the World's Fastest Caricaturist. She won the title of "WORLD'S FASTEST CARICATURIST" and "7th BEST OVERALL CARICATURIST" by the NCN (National Caricaturist's Network) at a convention in Las Vegas, NV. "BIG SMILE" artists have won awards not only for caricature drawing, but also for SIDEWALK CHALK MURALS, fine arts and other titles.

"BIG SMILE" artists are simply the best caricaturists and entertainers you can hire.

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